Solid Ground’s personalized approach benefits every client. Our professional caring staff will utilize information and education in a confidential setting. Our outpatient program is a combination of individual and group experiences that are used to regulate emotions without the use of alcohol or illicit drugs; this is key for a successful outcome. Whether it is your first attempt or your hundredth, your experience at Solid Ground will be unique and effective.

Our Outpatient Drug Treatment Program allows clients to continue to live at home and have the freedom to go to school or work while participating in a structured treatment program that focuses on ending substance abuse with education, support, and accountability. A client’s personal treatment plan may vary in terms of how often and for how long depending on their severity.


Family members of an addict struggle with knowing the right approach; many times they are too close to be effective motivators of change. Allow us to motivate your loved one towards a life with emotional wellness.
A free, confidential assessment is made available to
you and your family.

-Your crisis is our priority-

Housing options are available to those that qualify. These individuals will still be able to have the freedom to go to work, school, or outside meetings but will have the advantage of living in a sober environment in an effort to provide full support through the transition process.


Solid Ground is dedicated to the following goals for each client:
- Alcohol and drug free lifestyle,
- Safe, drug-free living environment
- Gainful employment, volunteer commitment or participation in an educational program.
- Financial self-sufficiency, and
- Established connection with an on-going support system.

Turn your rock bottom into the Solid Ground on which you build your life.

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