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Jessica Clark is a native of Riverside, Ca. where she attended all 12 years of school and graduated from John W. North High School. Her involvement in the community has been a priority from the time she was 8 years old where she volunteered and spoke regularly for United Way. She was exposed to drugs at a young age, while her mom was pregnant with her she attempted to over dose because of the overwhelming fact that she could not raise a child in her addiction. After the failed attempt, her mom sought out treatment and was able to get on her feet and succeed at life. Jessica later lost her dad to addiction at which point she developed a heart to assist those that struggle with addiction. It's much more personal than a career, it is an avenue of ministry where she is able to give to those who are in need of restoration. ​

She holds a degree in Human Services with an emphasis on addiction and continues to pursue higher levels of education. Her passion is people and she has the heart to serve and better all of those who she comes in contact with. Jessica is a wife & a mother of two blessings.



Lisa Molina is native to Southern California. In 1987, she relocated from Orange County to the Inland Empire. Lisa has first hand experience with the recovery process; in 1990 she became pregnant while addicted to heroin. Lisa successfully completed treatment. Her daughter was born healthy and has become a very bright and talented young woman, wife, mother of two and the CEO of Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery. Lisa and her family’s lives were and continue to be positively affected by what, at the time, was viewed as a very unfortunate situation.

Lisa later studied at UCR Extension where she obtained the necessary education to become a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II; in addition she has been certified as a Relapse Prevention Specialist since 2003. For nearly 27 years, Lisa has been instrumental in helping countless addicts in their recovery process while working as the Operations Manager for the largest substance abuse treatment center in Riverside County.



Rodney Clark is a native of Riverside, Ca. where he attended Ramona High School until he was sentenced to a term in California Youth Authority for a serious offense. During this time of his life, he was exposed to a life-changing approach on treatment that stuck with him forever. Although he was honorably discharged, he was still fighting the 98% odds of becoming a repeat offender. His family relationships were unstable and his living environment was unhealthy but he remained committed to the process and became a success story!

He attended college at RCC, worked closely with a prevention program where he spoke to the at-risk youth in Riverside, and works closely with Sigma Beta Xi on the Positive Youth Justice Initiative. He is dedicated to helping those that are in need and has a special heart for the youth that are fighting against the same odds he had to. Today, he is a business owner, husband, and a father of 2 beautiful children.




Gary is a Marriage and Family Therapist with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. He has over 20 years experience in the field of addiction treatment, working with addicts and their families. He especially enjoys working with couples that are impacted by addictions. He spent over a decade developing and running programs assisting mentally ill drug abusers and addicted mothers with children. Gary has been a guest lecturer at California Baptist University, focusing on the treatment of co-occuring disorders. Since he started working on his intern hours, Gary discovered a fervent interest in working with adolescents who are struggling with life transitions, family breakups, or any wide array of mood disorders. He is a firm believer that any dysfunction that affects an individual will inevitably affect the entire family. If at all possible, Gary like to include as many family members that are willing to participate, and work on implementing new healthy behaviors and communication skills to strengthen family dynamics. ​ ​

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