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Bridging the Gap Between Teens & Their Parents

Solid Ground’s interactive counseling program & Rehab for teens and young adults works along side the need of the teen and the parent in order to develop successful outcomes. Every teen/young adult is assessed and given a customized plan on how to accomplish life’s struggles. Remaining relevant and engaging in several different activities, allows them to relate and open up to change. Your teen will learn how to have healthy relationships, develop life-skills such as effective communication, anger/stress management, emotional regulation and self confidence in their abilities. Our hands-on staff will be there through the journey to support you and your teen.

Teen Drug Rehab Riverside

Do I need social media to talk to my teen?

Feeling like you have lost your teen when they are right next to you is a struggle that may seem to have no solution, but we have found the right combination that encourages a healthy relationship. By teaching and implementing honest communication, conflict resolution, patience, & emotional regulation, the relationship with the parent(s) will be stimulated and trusted to build on.

How can I encourage my child to be more motivated?

The transition of becoming a young adult can be very challenging for both parent and child! Recognizing signs of stress and the cause is vital. Allow us to assist you by preparing them in areas such as nutrition, budgeting, employment readiness, creating resumes, improving interview skills, and explaining the importance of appropriate attire. By developing the skills to become more independent, we help them to not only have a sense of responsibility, but also to utilize it and become motivated to obtain more.

Teen Addiction Treatment Riverside
Rehab For Teens Riverside

Need help raising a strong & confident child?

Behind every teen that believed in themself- is a parent who believed first. We assist in the process of developing personal values, decision-making, lower anxiety, reducing depressive thoughts, and initiating internal motivation & drive. By doing so, your teen will develop confidence which in return will allow them to handle situations with a better outlook and attitude.

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